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About Thomas Clifford's Martial Arts in Pearl River, NY

Meet Thomas Clifford

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Thomas Clifford's Martial Arts in Pearl River

Thomas Clifford's Martial Arts (TCMA) has an impeccable reputation for safe, structured, and sustainable training.

Master Instructor Thomas Clifford, also known as Kyoshi Clifford, invented the D.E.P.T.H. method of instruction. It's widely recognized and respected throughout the Martial Arts community, and is taught exclusively at our school!

His expertise in striking and grappling arts, traditional and modern weaponry, and over 37 years of continuous training, brings a level of experience you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Kyoshi Clifford has trained in a wide variety of disciplines and has traveled throughout the U.S., China, Taiwan, and Brazil seeking the finest instructors and most effective training methods.

Now these once highly guarded martial arts secrets are available to you! Self-defense is your responsibility but it shouldn't be your burden. Learn with the best to stay the safest!

"Two kinds of people train at TCMA; Black Belts and future Black Belts.

After earning the rank of Black Belt, many students continue to train at our Dojo, holding themselves to extraordinarily high personal standards. Some of our Black Belts and former classmates continue their journey in other Martial Arts systems.

A few have opened schools, furthered their training, and pass on the lessons of a legacy that has spanned many lifetimes. Others find a new path of self-mastery, and pursue their progress and proficiency with some of the strategies that they learned on our mat.

This is success. It is why we have a Dojo. Kaizen, the spirit of continuous improvement, is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

The value of Thomas Clifford's Martial Arts has been, and always will be, a direct reflection of the thousands of students - past, present, and future - who always leave the Dojo better than they found it. Many classmates are active members of the school, embracing a healthy lifestyle, advancing in rank, and enjoying the adventure of the Martial Arts." -Kyoshi Thomas Clifford

What if you're a total beginner or nervous to start something really cool but new? That's ok!

Our students come from all walks of life and start at different fitness levels. No matter what your starting level is, you'll get a great workout, gain lean muscle, and learn techniques to keep you and your family safe.

Controlled, fast-paced, and fun movements are led by expert instructors.

  • Fitness Kickboxing will get you strong & help you build healthy habits! As you blast through intense cardio sessions, add some solid muscle and get lean - you'll sculpt your physique for enhanced athletic performance and a rockin' bod!

  • Adult Martial Arts will give you the confidence to defend yourself and the knowledge of when to use these life-saving skills. Powerful striking, practical defense maneuvers, and calorie roasting, heart-pounding cardio drills will help you get through any of life's many challenges.

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Get ready to experience the best prices, the most amazing staff, and have the most fun you've EVER had getting fit! Please read below to learn a little more about the expertise behind our amazing class offerings.

Looking forward to training with you soon!

Kyoshi Thomas Clifford is the founder of Thomas Clifford's Martial Arts (TCMA) in Rockland County, New York and has studied a wide variety of Martial Arts styles, full-time, since 1981.

Kaizen, the spirit of continuous improvement, is the cornerstone of the TCMA philosophy.

Kyoshi Clifford believes that an instructor must be a lifelong student, and that every student is a teacher to his or her classmates. "I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all of the classmates, students, and instructors, who I have worked with for more than thirty-five years," he says. "Without a doubt, my deepest appreciation goes to Master R. Prett, my first teacher. He opened up the doors to the world in which I live."

Kyoshi Clifford has owned and operated highly respected martial arts schools in Rockland County for over three decades. His current dojo, located in Pearl River, has an impeccable reputation for safe, structured, and sustainable training for students of every age and stage.

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